Discover the Brightening Collection

Discover the Brightening Collection

Our innovative brightening products aim to correct pigmentation, boost luminosity, rejuvenate and reveal a radiant, evenly-toned complexion. Exclusive ingredient Dermapep, directly from South Korea, helps to tackle and prevent pigmentation and age spots.


Step 1.

Cleanse with our award-winning balm Cleanser to remove makeup, tone, decongest and exfoliate.

Eve Lom Cleanser

Step 2.

Pat Brightening Lotion onto the skin. An innovative essence that targets age spots and pigmentation and helps to increase cell turnover for younger looking skin.

Brightening Lotion

Step 3.

Once a week treat skin with our Brightening Mask. Similar to a rejuvenating facial, this intense mask contains a concentrated dose of Dermapep to unify tone.

Brightening Mask

Step 4.

Tap and smooth the Advanced Brightening Serum into skin for a gentle exfoliating boost. Containing our active tri-peptide, the serum helps to renew skin texture.

Brightening Serum

Step 5.

Give skin a rich, hydrating boost by gently patting our rich Brightening Cream onto the face. Dermapep helps brighten, while Rose Otto Oil moisturises and offers antioxidant protection.

Brightening Cream

Step 6.

An everyday application of SPF is a must to prevent pigmentation. Our Daily Protection + SPF 50 offers a targeted blend of sunscreens, vitamins and botanicals.

Daily Protection